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Now Hear This vinyl version now Available!

It's finally here, and ready for your greedy little hands! And just in time for Record Store Day! The vinyl LP version of our debut record. Comes with a free digital download of the album, and a whole lotta rock! Go here to get yours:

Or ask your favorite record store clerk to order one!   We all also have them at our upcoming shows! Check the tour dates page for info.

The Split Squad's debut album, "Now Hear This..." is OFFICIALLY set for US release January 21, 2014!!

The Split Squad039s debut album quotNow Hear Thisquot is OFFICIALLY set for US release January 21 2014
After much finagling, kvetching, and hand-wringing, we are happy to announce that our debut album, Now Hear This... will be available for general consumption on January 21st, 2014 (Happy New Year!). It will be available in CD format, and for digital download, from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and all the other usual suspects, as well as from us directly.

A 12' vinyl version of the album (with a free digital download) will be available in late February, but we will be happily taking vinyl pre-orders after January 21st.

Featuring 13 tracks, including a cover of The Small Faces'“Sorry She's Mine,” Now Hear This... is the unmistakeable product of its members common influences, rooted in the classic powerpop, punk, glam and garage rock of the 1970s and '80s. Produced by Seattle music icon Scott McCaughey, best known as a founding member of cult favorites The Young Fresh Fellows and the Minus 5, who has also played and toured extensively with R.E.M. Adding to the star power are guest appearances by McCaughey, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four), and Mike Gent (The Figgs). The album was recorded in the
summer of 2012, at Woolly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA.

The Split Squad's debut album, "Now Hear This..." is set for US release in January, 2014!!

The Split Squad039s debut album quotNow Hear Thisquot is set for US release in January 2014
The Split Squad's debut album, "Now Hear This..." will see general online release in January, 2014.  The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital media.  Stay tuned for where to purchase...

Meanwhile you can preview the ENTIRE ALBUM over on our MUSIC page...

Fall Tour Dates!!

It's been a quiet year so far for us, but we're gonna make up for that!!  We are hitting the road in September with our pals, Southern Culture on the Skids!! Rick, Dave, and Miss Mary said they missed us.  So we said we'd fix that! Northeast...we're gunning for you!  and then a show at the legendary 100 Club in London (um...The Clash played there...).  More Euro dates to come.

Check the tour page for dates.

Come see us! We're not gonna be around forever, you know...

Fall Tour Dates with Dressy Bessy and Stupidity

Another fall sortie in the Northeast, with our pals Dressy Bessy (from Denver) and Stupidity (from Stockholm). Palymra Delran crashes the party in NYC. A couple of these awesome shows are FREE!!  Check the tour news for dates!

New Spring Tour Dates with The Figgs!

HEY! We're hitting the road in March, for a short and sweet set of dates with our pals, THE FIGGS!!!  Hey Middle-Atlantic, we hope you like your rock served mod!!  Check the Tour page for dates!!

New European Tour Dates!

We're going to Europe one more time this year!  This time...SPAIN!!!  It's the "We Hope America Is Still There When We Get Back!" tour!  This time, we will actually have merch available!!!  Check the TOUR page for details!!

The Split Squad hits the road with Southen Culture on the Skids!!

Friends!!!  After our triumphant, but brief, sojourn into Europe this summer, we have the great opportunity to hit the road in the Midwest with the venerable, always entertaining, Southern Culture on the Skids!!  Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, & Kentucky...this rock and roll trash fest is coming your way!  check the TOUR page for dates!!

European Tour Dates

Our first trip across the pond!!  France & Spain....get ready for the Split Squad!!!

See out Tour page for dates!!

Spring Tour Dates!!  Some Power Pop royalty and some dirty rock from Norway!!

See the Tour Page for details!!

Spring 2015 Tour Dates!!

Hey we come!!  Some dates with The Fleshtones, Cheetah Chrome (!!!), and a video shoot!!!

Summer 2014 Tour Dates!!!

Summer 2014 Tour Dates are fully posted.  July 3-6 dates will be with Florent Barbier on drums.  All the rest with Clem Burke.  

We are very excited to share several dates with The Baseball Project, especially on our home field, HMAC on July 26th! Michael will be playing bass in The Minus 5 on that date as well!

And check out the NYC show on 7/25, with the Legendary Ivan Julian!!!  

Vist the TOUR page to see it all!!!