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The Split Squad's Lockdown Lowdown!  Episode 1

Hello Friends!  We hope this finds you well; safe and sound in your own bunkers of choice. We've been social distancing like champs, but I thought I'd take a moment and let you all know what we've been up to in our own hideouts.  This is the first of hopefully several installments, so keep checking back!

First off, Clem will be participating in the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, on Tuesday May 19th, 8:00 PM ET.  As you can likely guess, it's going to be a little different this year, as the whole thing will be conducted online, live streamed via Facebook.  The lineup is crazy, you can enjoy it in your pajamas, and they're raising money for the Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research!  Check out Joey's official Facebook page for more info:

Our Man at the Console, Josh Kantor, continues his critically acclaimed and highly entertaining "7th Inning Stretch", everyday at 3:00 PM (ish), again live streamed via Facebook.  Josh and his producer, The Reverend Mary, spend about 30 minutes everyday taking requests from folks online, and playing them back, ballpark organ style.  He's received crazy press on this, from The Boston Globe, to the Washington Post, and CBS News, and it's all to help raise money for food banks across the country in this time of trepidation and uncertainty.  It's great fun, and try as you may, you CANNOT stump Josh.  Check it out every day at 3:00 PM ET:

Michael has been burrowed away in Red Chuck Studio, working on the next Split Squad album, as well as a bunch of other projects.  More on that in upcoming episodes , but a couple of note at the moment are a new single by The Cynz that he produced, "Run From The Fire" (, and he pitched in a little upright bass to our pal (and producer!) Scott McCaughey's solo release Scott the Hoople , "Sad Box and Other Hits".  The latter was written and recorded entirely in quarantine, in just 2 weeks (!!), and is available via Bandcamp:

That's enough for now, but we've got lots more in the pipeline to tell you about in upcoming installments, including some new Split Squad stuff, new Minus 5, and a whole lotta Keith Streng!  Be safe y'all. Keep your wits, and wash your hands!!!

Michael, Keith, Eddie, Clem, & Josh